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The Best Socks You've Ever Worn.

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The Shepland Difference

With a deep history in textile manufacturing, and the wisdom of generations of sock-making prowess, our team created the perfect-fitting pair.

Their vision for the future of socks? The highest-quality materials. Suit-grade Merino wool, the same stuff you’d wear on the rest of your body when you’re getting dressed up, optimized for every day.


Smart Cushioning

No Stink

Anti-Microbial & Moisture-Wicking

Locked In

Socks Secured

Meet Merino.

Premium Materials

Superior-crafted, super fine Merino wool provides temperature regulation and lasting durability.

No More Stink

Anti-microbial material stops germs in their tracks to keep the stink out.

Don't Sweat It

See ya sweaty feet—our moisture-wicking wool absorbs sweat for stay-dry breathability.

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Elevate Your Everday.